Our Treatment Process
Our goal is to make as much progress as possible in a single visit.

Regardless of the severity of a patient’s condition, Dr. Hutto believes that no one should suffer allergy or asthma symptoms a moment longer than necessary.

To that end, her goal is to make as much progress as possible in a single visit. Though this will take several hours upfront, the time and money it saves in the long run cannot be underestimated. When you visit us for the first time, plan on spending two to three hours with Dr. Hutto and her team, during which you will:

  • Meet the team
    Meet with allergy/asthma team for an investigative assessment .
  • Meet Dr. Hutto
    Meet with Dr. Hutto for a one-on-one session and evaluation.
  • Testing
    Determine what tests are necessary to find the cause of your symptoms.
  • Plan of action
    Determine action steps that can be taken immediately (home air quality adjustments, medications, new products etc.)
  • Allergy vaccines
    These treatments are offered in office with no appointment necessary. (Ask us how allergy vaccines can offer a cure!)
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Without a doubt, Dr. Hutto is one of the best physicians that I have known.  In addition to being an excellent practitioner, she is genuinely caring, kind and compassionate.  She works hard studying her patients’ problems and provides comprehensive, exceptional treatment. Additionally, Dr. Hutto has an extremely well run office. Her sterling staff is bright, attentive and kind. 
- Mary G.
Dr. Hutto made us aware in the first visit how sick our son was. She took a personal interest in our son like we have never seen with a doctor. She personally called us at home to see how things were progressing, and has been there for us when we had questions. Her entire staff came to know our son and treated him as though he was their own.
- Paul & Myra W.
…the process Dr. Hutto has in place for identifying my personal (allergy) triggers is very thorough.  I found out that I am allergic to EVERYTHING (except dogs).  To fix the overall problem, I began to take shots to desensitize my allergies.  I now use my allergy treatments religiously to quell reactions.  I continue to improve the air quality in my home and I visit the shot room once a week for my shots.  The shot room has convenient hours and a very friendly staff so, that makes it much easier to go (even if it is for shots)!
- Ryan S.
Over the years I have suffered from seasonal allergies that have only increased, as I got older. My general physician always prescribed the same prescriptions time and time again and I felt I had hit a brick wall in treatment plans. However, it wasn’t until I went to see Dr. Hutto, a true allergy specialist, that I was able to get a handle on the long-term treatment of my conditions that have now greatly improved my overall quality of life.
- Robbie R.
Dr. Hutto with Palmetto Allergy and Asthma has made me much more aware of the environmental factors around me that seem to affect my allergies. Our family has completely changed to chemical free products from personal hygiene to cleaning products…. Now, all we smell and breathe is clean, fresh air. My allergy condition has changed tremendously just from making better choices.  I can breathe again!
- Amanda V.
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